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Bella Bishop



Bella Bishop


HEIGHT:  5’6″


CLASS:  Junior





HOBBIES/INTERESTS: I like to bake and walk my cats.

PLANS FOR AFTER COLLEGE: I am going to attend Eckerd College in Florida, I will play softball and study marine biology. 

FAVORITE PLANO SOFTBALL MEMORY: Handshakes when we line up on the foul line for every game.

FAVORITE QUOTE: “You’re not promised tomorrow, so make today count.”


Bella is the daughter of Sarah Biship and Jason Bishop and has one brother, Ian. She plans to major in marine biology.
Awards: Earned Honorable Mention All District her freshman year
The coaching staff values Bella’s competitive nature.



  • Favorite quote: You are not promised tomorrow, so live for today. 
  • Favorite class: History 
  • Favorite softball player of all time: Cate Bade 
  • Favorite athlete (any sport): Dansby Swanson 
  • Favorite social media site: Pinterest 
  • Favorite emoji: Smile  
  • Favorite type of music: Reggae 
  • Favorite food: Everything that I can eat
  • Favorite binge-watching TV show: That 70’s Show 
  • Favorite book: Those girls 
  • Favorite movie: Mulan 
  • Favorite Disney character: Baby Yoda 
  • Favorite animal: Ostrich 
  • Favorite part about the sport of softball: The unforgettable feeling of happiness I get when I play in a game, and the memorable moments with my friends and coaches. 
  • Favorite thing we’ve done in softball offseason this year: Weight room 
  • Favorite sport to play other than softball: Rock climbing 
  • Favorite thing about PSHS: Tradition
  • Favorite Karaoke song to sing: Don’t Stop Believin’-Journey  
  • Favorite place to vacation: Somewhere exotic 
  • Favorite gift I’ve ever been given: My cats
  • Favorite color: Yellow 


  • My nickname is: Bella 
  • One word to describe me when I’m on the field: Focused 
  • One word to describe me away from the field: Energetic 
  • The person who has had the greatest impact on my athletic career: Coach John 
  • The accomplishment (athletic or non-athletic) that I am most proud of: I wrote a speech to my teammates about putting them first for their best success. 
  • The person I would most like to meet: My grandmother Mimi again. 
  • People have told me that I look like (name of celebrity): Vanessa Hudgens  
  • The song title that best describes me: Party in the USA- Miley Cyrus   
  • Best pump-up songs: Let’s get it Started- Blake Eyed Peas  
  • Musical instruments that I play: My toy harmonica 
  • When I was little, I dreamed of being a: Race car driver 
  • Early bird or night owl: Early bird 
  • The reality show I would most like to participate in is: Wipeout 
  • I can’t believe I watch this show: Bob Ross 
  • Few people know that I: My brother is a ginger 
  • My best non-athletic talent(s): Never meeting a stranger 
  • My most prized possession: My sock monkey 
  • My most annoying habit: Saying yes to everything  
  • My pet peeve(s): Slow drivers,13-year-olds, not cleaning the eyelash curler. 
  • My superstitions: Eye black Crosses on my cheek for games, hair must be braided, have to wear my 7-year-old sliders, must look at-bat before I hit, every 2 outs, 2 strikes inning 2 I must tap two fingers on my wrist for good luck.    
  • If I had a million dollars, I would share it with the people I love most, then give back to people in need.  
  • Three things on my bucket list are:
    • Go to the Amazon rain forest for a mission trip 
    • Go to as many countries as possible 
    • Go to nationals and win 
  • My dream job is: Marine biologist  
  • I am most thankful for: My family

Teammate who…

  • The teammate who will surprise people the most this year: Jillian 
  • The teammate who has improved the most since August is: Herd 
  • The teammate who can always make me laugh: Kailey 
  • The teammate who dominates in the weight room: Mary Ellen 
  • The teammate most likely to be on People’s “Best Dressed” list: Casey 
  • The teammate who holds me most accountable is: Sadie
  • The teammate who is the most responsible is: Sarah
  • The teammate most likely to get married first is: Mack 
  • The teammate most likely to win the lotto is: Laney 
  • The teammate most likely to talk themselves out of a speeding ticket is: Casey 
  • The teammate most likely to become president: Sydney

Teammate who would be the best candidate for:

  • America’s Got Talent: Jillian 
  • America’s Next Top Model: Mary Ellen 
  • American Ninja Warrior: Kyndall
  • The Amazing Race: Sarah
  • The Bachelorette: Miriam
  • Big Brother: Anna
  • Dancing with the Stars: Kaelyn
  • Fixer Upper: Mack
  • Friends: Future
  • Gossip Girl: Sadie 
  • Lip Sync Battle: Kailey
  • The Office: Kailey
  • Shark Tank: Sarah
  • Survivor: Kyndall
  • Top Chef: Jayden
  • The Voice: Penelope