Jersey Name Position Class
1 Cate Bade INF Sophomore
2 Czoey White C/INF Junior
3 Lily Ray OF Sophomore
5 Bronte Rhoden P/INF Senior
6 Drew Manders OF Senior
8 Maggie Robbins OF Sophomore
10 Hannah Jacoby OF Junior
12 Cora Hickey OF Junior
14 Audrey McNeill P/INF Sophomore
16 Olivia Gorman INF Sophomore
17 Aubrie Rhodes INF Senior
19 Emily Knight OF Senior
21 Lindsay Edwards INF Senior
24 Mackenzie Ridley P/INF Freshman
25 Natalie O'Brien C/INF Sophomore


Jersey Name Position Class
1 Grace Monson INF Freshman
2 Mikaela Grgurich OF Sophomore
3 Klaire Juarez INF/OF Freshman
5 Taylor Marchin P/INF Freshman
7 Felicity Mayfield OF Freshman
8 Casey Driver C/INF Freshman
9 Jada Gipson INF Sophomore
10 Maggie McKenna INF/OF Sophomore
12 Kealey Blakeley OF Freshman
14 Brooke Barnett INF Freshman
17 Sadie Wiener P/INF Freshman
20 Jacque Parnell P/INF Freshman
21 Cassidy Raley INF Freshman
22 Darby Hickey INF/OF Freshman
25 Samantha Lee C/OF Sophomore